New Pictures And The Cat

January 2017

One of my own favourites among my compositions is the piano suite "Pictures of an Extinction". But with some passages I never felt perfectly satisfied. So I decided to revise the whole thing and record it anew. Moreover, this time I did not only record audio but also video. You can watch my hands play the piano, and at the same time follow the sheet music on YouTube.

     Pictures of an Extinction (here)
     Video on YouTube

In the cooperation project "A Cat and Me" there are also two new songs, both in German this time. Kathrin set a poem by Rilke to music and with "In den Wald" (Into the woods) she wrote a very special and personal song. It is dedicated to Moni Kroepel-Falk, a kindergartener, who died last year, and it describes the magical world she created for the children.

     A Cat And Me

Markus Behlau

See The Signs is a mixture of electronic pop a la Depeche Mode and some more progressive elements. Therefore I gave this new genre the title electroprog.
The lyrics deal with such carefree issues like dementia, nuclear meltdown, forced marriage, child abuse and suicide - mostly with a fair sense of irony and sarcasm.

   I heard it on the evening news
   between dinner and dessert.
   There's been a power plant disaster.
   We're on nuclear alert.

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