See the Signs

Synthpop/rock, 2011
This album can also be downloaded on bandcamp in a lossless format.

Mixture of electronic pop and some more progressive elements. The lyrics deal with such "carefree" issues like dementia, nuclear meltdown, forced marriage, child abuse and suicide - mostly with a fair sense of irony and sarcasm.

Who Are You?

A thousand nameless faces
people I once knew
indistinguishable for me
Unfamiliar places.
Haven't got a clue.
Feel like a brain-amputee.

Don't know who you are.
Don't know where I am.
Can't remember however hard I try.
Every small talk feels like the hardest exam
for I don't even know: Who am I?
Who am I? Who is he?
What has she got to do with me?
In search for answers,
to get things clearer,
I look in the mirror.
Even there an unknown face,
a stranger in an unknown place.

You bottle feed and dress me,
help me in the bath.
I depend on you like a child.
You try to cheer me up with
anecdotes and jokes,
say you'd be glad if I smiled.
Don't know who you are...

Who are you? Who are they?
What did I do yesterday?
Where will I go to sleep tonight?
Don't say it's alright!
Who am I? Who is he...

Tere's a lot I forgot
Memories are few.
As I see you nurse me,
but who the hell are you?!


Sacrifice Your Life I heard it on the evening news
between dinner and dessert.
There's been a power plant disaster.
We're on nuclear alert.
Reactor was shut down directly,
but the cooling system failed.
Can a meltdown be averted?
The situation has derailed.
Energy supply ensured
to quench our greedy thirst
Safety concept insecure.
Prosperity comes first.
Gross domestic product
is the goal of our strife.
Don't be anxious and overcautious
Sacrifice your life!

Radiation level exceeds the threshold
by a hundred times and more.
Thanks to god the wind is turning
straight towards the shore.
All technicians have left the building.
Who would resent their fear?
Options left for intervention
are totally unclear.

Energy supply ensured...

As it seems out of the question
to tighten our belts,
(For luxury and wealth
demand some sacrifice)
Don't be that anxious and overcautious
Sacrifice your life!

Foresight Dream

On my way back home from London
at the train station just as I come by
an old lady somehow familiar meets my eye.
And I have to look once more.
Though I try, can't ignore
that I've seen her before.

I've seen her before in a haunting dream
that reappears every night.
An all too real horrible nightmare scene
that fills me with fright every time.
Just as in my dream she's reading.
And I also remember her odd gown.
As her book slips and falls to the platform
she bents down.
Tries to reach her text.
I'm paralysed, like hexed,
knowing what comes next.

I've seen it before in that dreadful dream,
that reappears every night,
how in her attempt to pick up that book
she fell off the platform and died.

So far now she seems to be standing firm.
Yet I know that she will slide.
I pick myself up, jump in her way,
try to grab hold of her.
Being appalled by my attack
she steps aside straight towards the rails.
Now that I see her lying there dead on the rails,
my memory is blurred.
Was it really her...

...who I've seen before in my foresight dream
that now stopped to reappear?
And what forced the lady towards the edge
has in my dream never been clear.
Have I all the time been the very one
who drove her there from the rear?
And if so, could she now be still alive
if I did not interfere?


Shut up and beat it!
You don’t belong here.
You really piss me off.
I’m sorry, but you lost your right of existence so
Why so embarrassed?
What did you think that I would consider you?
What more than the dirty and
stinking old turd that you are?
Fuck yourself
for you’re an asshole!
I wouldn’t mind at all if you just died.
You can’t deny that you are
all too superfluous in this world.

I didn’t quite get it.
Please, could you rephrase it?
You’re so hard to understand.
Could it be that you use different language than I?
What do you mean by “Better luck next time”?
I think my "bad luck" was planned.
Misfortune might well be a blessing in darker disguise.
At least now I know
that you’re an asshole...

I’m not unforgiving.
For conciliation
I bought you this tasty bite.
It’s there from the bakery
right at the corner, and

Yes, it’s delicious,
I myself added
a pinch of pure cyanide.
I aded a subtle, discreet
taste of almond and death.

Redeem You

Though it’s true and virtuous
the feeling we both share,
to kiss and hug in public we don’t dare.
Tradition is against us
although we feel it right
This issue is not ours to decide.

We gotta fight for our dream
We gotta fight for our love
We gotta fight for permission from above
We gotta fight for our love
We gotta fight for our dream
We've got to break free from this old scheme.
How can I redeem you?
Can’t take this for granted,
although we’re taught to do.
Can’t stop myself from deeply loving you.
I’ll go and ask your father.
He cannot disapprove.
He knows me from my very early youth.

We gotta fight for our dream
We gotta fight for our love
We gotta fight for permission from above
We gotta fight for our love
We gotta fight for our dream
We've got to break free from this old scheme.
How can I redeem you?
You are a decent boy,
but you can't have her, son!
She’s promised to a business friend
although she’s barely in her teens
and he is fifty-one.

How can I redeem you?
How can we break free?
Got to make our dream true,
Fight for liberty.

We gotta fight for our dream...


Poor girl,
what must she have been through!
The suffering, the pain and the humiliation too.
But she endured it all with patience.
What could she have done against it?
Ask neighbours? - They never cared.
And mother was a victim, too.

When she was seven years old, still full of joy,
her father sat next to her bed to sing a lullaby.
She always loved to hear him.
The sound of his voice serene and familiar.
She felt secure.
The Day is done. Now sleep my child.
No need to fear. Don't cry, my darling!
Your daddy stays here to watch over your sleep.
So close your eyes and come into my arms!

That way it went on until she was thirteen.
She was a beauty - enticing.
Considering bedtime stories as kid's stuff.
she didn't want her dad anymore to come.
Her respected her privacy kindly.

Till one day he just crept inside.
And he told her not to worry,
said he'd be so sorry.
He dimmed the light.
I have been waiting night after night
(No please, daddy! I don't want that!)
for just one single night with my own child.
(Please Dad, leave me! Daddy, you hurt me!)
I don't want to hurt you.
It wouldn't hurt if you showed more cooperation.

Oh, come on! I feel it: You want it too.
(Daddy, please! I thought you would love me.)
You can't tell me that you don't like this!
(You're destroying our family!)
And not a word to mother!
(Don't you think of mother?)
She mustn't know. We will keep this our little secret.
(She'll take her life, if she'll find out, what you just did here.)


Little Jerome wakes up and greets the morning sun
a dose of jawning and of streching start his day
He doesn’t bother that there’s work still to be done.
He’s always loving what he does.
He’s working with fun.

Earns a living delivering paper and milk.
Shoe cleaning and work of "that ilk".
His life simple and poor but pure.
Though just nine - very mature.
And when he lays to rest in the night
a box under a bridge seems just right
bright little Jerome feels home.
All by himself
but never alone.

He likes to throw a flattened stone across the lake
and watch it bouncing off the surface many times.
He likes the feeling when there’s not a thing at stake.
Likes inventing fairy tales and silly rhymes.

Earns a living...
They say he’s lost both of his parents in the war
But in his face you will not find a sign of grief.
Just for his mother keeps the promise that he swore.
Never to give up the hope nor his belief.

Earns a living...

Gains from Nothing

Welcome, dear sir.
I congratulate you,
that you chose me,
Walter S. H. Hines
as your consultant in financial things.
I know, where the wind blows.
I see the signs.

Gains from nothing!
Pound by pound!
Just buy these shares
and see your assets growing high and higher.
Trust me, you'll be gaining ground.
There's nothing you can't acquire.
Invest in this company,
don't be too meek!
Shares are now low
at just $2.4
No, don't sell those,
Better wait till next week!
Then you can sell them
for much much more.

Gains from nothing
Pound by pound
you promise all and
raise the expectation high and higher.
You seem so wise
You sound so sound
but we know, that you're a liar.
Gains from nothing
Pound by pound
you promise all and
raise the expectation high and higher.
You're a cheating Judas
you just seem so wise
You sound so sound
but we know, that you're a liar.

Lucifer’s Day Off

Sunday morning the devil stayed in bed
mommy didn’t want him to sleep through:
Come on, Lucy. Wake up, sleepy head!
You got evil things to do.
There’s no use in lazy chilling.
Come, go out and do some killing!
Your obligations will not wait all day for you!

But today I’m just not in the mood.
Rather wanna be one of the good.
Just this one time!
I changed my mind.
I'd like to be just kind.

Secretly the devil stole away
feeling so excited breaking rules
Like all children do who disobey.
(e.g. when they bunk off school)
Granny Brown was fleeing with a scream
from Lucy rising the white flag
I am not as evil as I seem.
Just wanna carry your shopping bag!
Don’t You know I'm just misunderstood?
Rather wanna be one of the good.
It made me sad
to be the bad
I changed the role I had.

Maybe tomorrow
I'll just do as mommy said:
Be a good boy,
kill some child,
start a little war.


On the day they found out ‘bout your secret
everyone claimed they’d foreseen something foul
You decided to not face the verdict,
not to confess, but to throw in the towel.

Things didn’t quite evolve as planned.
Seems the save bet turned out
to be not that grand.
There’s no use to pretend.
So with the gun in hand,
you will deliver your own end.

Come, don’t be shy! You can do it. Let fly!
Pay for your lie! Pull the trigger and die!
Don't hesitate! Your delict was high grade.
Don’t fear to eradicate!
When you try to review your achievements,
there will be little of what you are still proud.
Preconditions were more than auspicious.
Seeds in your hand and the soil had been plowed.

But you old gambler spoiled it all.
You thought the stock exchange
would serve at your call.
Although already dunned
took the donation fund
and ruined the life-work of us all.

Come, don’t be shy...

Now that you spent the last pence on roulette,
The only solution is to be dead.
Come, don’t be shy! You can do it. Let fly!
Don’t be afraid! You might reincarnate.
Don’t hesitate! Throw away all that weight!
Come, kill yourself and your debt is paid.
Don’t you debate, for St. Peter won’t wait.
Don’t hesitate, you’re already late.

(There's no use to pretend, so with the gun in hand,
you will deliver your own very end.
With nothing left behind, there’s nothing to remind
those people whom you’ve caused much pain and anger
of all the things you’ve done that you considered fun
You thought you were the cunning only one.
There’s nothing you achieved even though you believed
that you conceived an ethic revolution.
Your plans were so sublime but never worth a dime.
And now it’s time to just let fly, so pull the trigger!)