Thousand Dreams

© Nasaler Jokus, 2003

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Concept album, that reveals the secret fears of a woman through her nightly dreams.

Nasaler Jokus were: Stefan Wutzke (bass guitar), Felix Kapler - (guitar), Christoph Hermann (drums) and Markus Behlau (vocals, keyboard)


Thousand dreams are haunting us when we sleep.
The unconscious carries them in there deep.
Are they real ?
Or is reality but a dream ?
Is nothing what it seems ?

Voices & Images

She watched the latenight movie on the third programme.
There's a lack of motivation to turn the TV off.
The last bars of the national anthem are singing her to sleep.
She falls into a strange dream.

Voices disturbing you at night,
when you're asleep they will ignite
images from another land,
sent to you by a forceful hand.
Dreams are just a mirror of your soul.
They reflect what's going on inside your mind.
All your feelings, all your thoughts
come to life in dreams.

Being alone that night like many nights before
she tried to keep herself amused with a bottle of chamPAIN.
The sleeping pills all over the floor reveal that something's not quite right.
How does she feel deep inside ?

Into the Sky

She feels her soul leave her body, rising over her bed;
rising high, out of the room, straight into the sky.

The dream of flying
frees our mind from earthly bounds.
All our worries and our woes
somehow do not seem to matter there
in the air.
But now let's take a look and see what's going on...
She is flying round & round and up & down.
Higher than the tall church spire of her home town.
The people seem so small down there,
but she feels greater than ever before.
She is gliding nearly faster than the wind.
Visiting a place where only eagles have been:

On top of a big mountain she lands for a minute
to take some rest.
The city lights from down below
shine like a reflection of the stars.
Far above all birds and clouds
she is drifting higher and higher.
Reaching almost for the stars
she keeps floating on.

The dream of flying lives in everyone of us.
She's almost crying just because she feels so free.
But being close to the sun can make your wings melt away.
When you're high, you might forget how far there is to fall.

A Dragons Tale

Awakening in a world of shadows
she finds herself dressed in a coat of mail.
She looks like an old time hero,
and slowly she takes on her role.

Wandering through the land
she sees many strange things:
Chatting birds and walking trees
come along her way.
Dancing dwarfs and singing fairies
live in this land.
After a while she meets an old man,
who introduces himself to her:

"I am king Louis, Lord of this land.
To our kingdom - Welcome my friend!
Adventurers like you are what we need.
If you stay and do us a favour,
you won't regret it."
"You and king?!", she laughed,
"Where's your crown?
To me you look more like a bagger."
"Don't wear my crown in times of grief.
Something so terrible has happened.
someone must end it,
someone must help,
could it be you!?

Rescue the princess!!!
She was robbed by a dragon.
Men were sent out to kill him.
No one ever returned.
If you can beat him,
half of the kingdom
as well as the princess are yours."

She walks through the night,
marching on without fear.
Soon she finds the place,
where the foe hides.
She arrives at the cave,
first hesitates a while;
but then she dares
to step inside the entrance,
leaving the security of light.
Is there anybody inside?

Inside 155 steps lead into the dark.
Down there lies the dragon and sleeps.

A well known fact about dragons
is that their skin cannot be hurt.
But as we also know,
there's one black spot
in the back of their neck,
where a hero can
with one single strike
end the dragon's life.

Our heroine moves on,
she tries to make no noise.
Stealing down the stairs,
she already sees the black mark.
But what seems to be the last stair
turns out to be the dragon's tail.

One Zip

"What kind of dream was this ?!"
She jumps out of bed
to go into the kitchen,
where she tries to forget
this terrible nightmare.
Just one zip from the bottle
will make everything alright.
Just one zip is all she needs
for sleeping tight.
Dragging herself back towards her room,
where she lays her body on the bed,
being so afraid that now
she pulls the sheets above her head.
Then quietly she lays and waits for sleep.

Perfect Home

She remembers old times:
When making plans for the future
she dreamed of a house and a family,
a place where she's needed and loved.
It all seems so simple
when you're young and in love...

There were times she nearly made it,
just one step ahead to reach her dreams.
That was when it all started tumbling down.
She pretended to be happy,
but lady luck has never been her friend.
That is what she learned from all this in the end.
It could have been so easy, but it didn't last too long.
The plan was simple, but somehow it went wrong:

Dig a hole for a firm foundation,
where to lay the bricks upon;
putting one stone on the other,
building a perfect home,
building it stone by stone.

And while she's brooding, she falls asleep,
and this is what she dreams:

Little girl building castles.
Small girl growing.
Sand turns to stone.
The hole is dug and ready, filled with concrete.
She lays the bricks around herself,
putting one stone on the other,
building a perfect home,
building it stone by stone.

But when she tries to invite her husband
and the daughter to come inside,
she realizes she's forgotten
leaving holes in the walls
for windows and a door.

Now she's locked inside herself,
she can't escape her fears.
All the feelings usually neglected
now fall back on her.

Her Cage

Sitting there inside her cage
she sometimes crys for help,
but noone seems to listen.
The words sound different from outside.
(Please help me!)


Now, she is gone, the story's at its end.
She tried to be strong, but now she will transcend.
This world is just a passing phase.
Thank god's grace!
We don't have to stay.
Life has been hard and death the easy way.
Right from the start she always went astray.
Now she's going out of sight, through the light.
What might be on the other side?

Will there be angels singing
and playing harp or organ?
Will god invite our souls to eternal sanctuary?
Nobody knows what the life beyond is like.
So we must keep the hope
to live here and now.
Who knows, someday you may even like this life.
But now you don't really know what for to strive.
This might have been a better place in other days,
but it's disgusting now.

Is life not what we seem to be?
Is life just a bad comedy?
We don't know, but we must admit that it's worthwhile to live.

This is the only chance to explore the world on this side.
Don't throw yourself away, 'cause we need you here to stay.

Immdediate Confidence

In the cafe, where she often sits to think
when things turn worse,
she needs to calm down, needs a drink.
Searching for a second soul to talk
she never leaves here as long as she can walk.

But not a single soul at all seems to be concerned.
Nobody can give the feeling for which she yearns.

This time she's got a bit more luck.
Someone sits down and starts to talk.
A friendy conversation grows
and sympathies are shared.
She never tought, this could happen to her.
But sometimes,
when you meet a stranger on the street,
you feel this immediate confidence
to say that he's "the one".
And sometimes,
when you don't expect those things at all,
this is when you fall in love.
Nothing can be bad enough,
that a helping hand won't ease the pain.

So they talk on.
The hours go by,
it's late at night.
She's not aware.
Just keeps drifting with the tide.
Where usually she drowned her light in alcohol,
now it's mirrored in his shining eyes.
This whole damned place, she thought she knew so well,
is now transformed through a spell,
and though it's still the same,
she feels it deep inside her heart,
the magic that it gained.

when you meet a stranger on the street...
And now she understands that love's a game.
It's a game that helps to bear
or even like your life.
And when you think
you've had enough of life,
then love will be your chance.

Cocktail they're starting to dance.

Round and round the couple dances.
Walz and swing make them feel high.
They take a few drinks to get in the mood,
although the last time she's almost been dry.

Faster and faster they turn around.
She's got to work hard not to fall to the ground.
So they dance for a while,
but a glass of wine has been too much.
She does not feel her feet anymore.

The floor turns to liquid - a glass full of gin
or some sort of cocktail, she's now swimming in.
First she enjoys taking a bath,
but soon she feels uncomfortable
trapped inside this glass.
Trying to get out of this
she's struggling hard for air.

You cannot reach the glasses edge.
This swirling stream won't let you there.

And while she's fighting the waves,
she realizes a huge face outside of the glass.
To her further amazement she notices,
that it's herself, that is coming nearer an nearer!

"This glass so full - too much a threat!
Think I'll better empty it now,
before I end up dead."