C-64 revisited

chiptunes remixed & remastered, 2009

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The tunes have originally been arranged for the C-64 by:

Rob Hubbard The Last V8, Crazy Comets, Commando, Sanxion, Human Race, Chimera, Thing on a Spring, Master of Magic, Dragon's Lair, Monty on the Run, Goodbye Monty, Warhawk, One Man & Droid
Martin Galway Arkanoid, Wizball, Game Over, Roland's Rat Race, Short Circuit, Athena, Ocean Loader, Comic Bakery, Mikie, Kong Strikes Back, Hunchback II, Green Beret, Rambo, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Neverending Story
Ben Daglish William Wobbler
Keith Miller Cauldron
Joseph Richard Cauldron II
Mark Cooksey Ghosts'n'Goblins